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Grandi labrador del passato – Great labradors of the past: Sh. Ch. Balrion King Frost

Grandi cani allevamenti labrador inglesi

Glenda Crook and Sh.Ch. Balrion King Frost winning the C.C. at the Labrador Retriever Club 1980under Mrs.Mary Wilkinson (Keithray)


Sh.Ch.Balrion King Frost (born 1976).

“This black dog, owned by the Crooks, was one of the most famous show Labradors of all time. He had a spectacular show career winning his three important C.C.’s in 1978 at the S.K.C. under Mr.H.Bennett (Bensondale), at the S.K.C. under Mrs.D.Walter (Holton) and at Darlington under Mr.J.Wilkinson (Keithray). In all he won twenty eight C.C.’s; five in 1978, six in 1979, eight in 1980, four, including Crufts in 1981, four in 1982 and one in 1983. It was a remarkable run of success across such a long span of time for a show dog. Added to this, Frost won five gundog groups and one Best in Show at an All Breed Championship show.

Mr.N.Perkins awarded King Frost a C.C. at Blackpool in 1979 and gave him a glowing reference…”Crooks’ Sh.Ch.Balrion King Frost. Best of Breed, a top class dog put down in top class condition. Nice breadth of skull, lovely eye, strong muzzle and wide nose. Perfect teeth. All carried on a strong muscular neck. His excellent black coat was clean and gleaming with health. The strong bone and firm quarters carried his well balanced body over the ground with an effortless movement combining strength and grace.”.

King Frost was a distinctive dog, he was not particularly big but he had a finish and a magnificence that is hard to overstate, he was a handsome show dog. He was solid and masculine without being coarse, he had enough substance and no one was in any doubt that he was a male. He had a good head and, like so many of this breeding, his strength lay in the breed characteristics of head, coat and tail. His overall type is difficult to put into words. He was essentially black, the lines down from Heatheredge to Cookridge, the Blaircourts and the lines from Coohoy dictated this, yet the mating with Clarence had influenced the black type and the kennel was to develop its own style essentially based on Mrs.Pauling’s type but an evolution upon it. The Balrion style has become delineated by its solid, usually black, Labradors who manage to combine substance with the breed characteristics of head, coat and tail.”

Richard Edwards: “The Show Labrador in GB+N.Ireland 1945-1995.” Vol 2. (from Richard Edwards’ wall in Facebook)


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