Allevamento Labrador Retriever, riconosciuto da ENCI e FCI 

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Mary Roslin Williams and the Manserghs

Mary Roslin Williams and the Manserghs

Mary Roslin Williams and the Manserghs

by Anne Taylor

all rights reserved: text © Anne Taylor 2003-12
photos: excerpted from: M.R. Williams, Reaching for The Stars, Doral Publishing 2000.

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Grandi labrador del passato – Great labradors of the past: Sh. Ch. Balrion King Frost

Glenda Crook and Sh.Ch. Balrion King Frost winning the C.C. at the Labrador Retriever Club 1980under Mrs.Mary Wilkinson (Keithray)


Sh.Ch.Balrion King Frost (born 1976).

“This black dog, owned by the Crooks, was one of … leggi tutto

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